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The New Typeface

After unexpectedly obtaining a series of patterns generated by Mid-Journey, which had typographical features and structures, I decided that instead of simply referencing them, I would use them as a foundation for further creative work.


I pondered over what features would be relatively more human-like. The essence of being human involves an inherent uncertainty because the future holds infinite possibilities, and the errors made by humans are, to some extent, the outcomes of highly complex calculations.


I believe that errors do not truly exist because they are the binary thinking results of human logic. So, visually, what can represent uncertainty? I recalled the dashed lines I used when initially sketching to establish form. Those intermittent lines outlined partial shapes. In contrast to the extreme rationality of AI, which produces a sensory understanding of human text, I feel that using computer-drawn dashed lines in sketches is a better way to express the contrast between human and machine interaction.

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